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Impact of receiving tutoring in middle school on a student's high school performance: 

We completed our 9th year of Community Education Program providing in-school tutoring programs in core subjects for K-12. In the last 9 years over 230,000 tutoring hours have been provided and thousands of students have been benefited. We are looking forward to welcoming our scholars in the 10th year of our Community Education Program.
JOIN me to Congratulate our High School Graduates!
May, 2020, 100% of our seniors graduated from high school compared to 67% of their peers in the same school.
60% of our graduates went on for college degrees, 20% joined the Military and 20% joined the workforce.
May 2021, in spite of all the difficulties imposed by the pandemic, 85% of seniors graduated from high school, compared to 55% of their peers in the same school. 40% of these graduates are going to CSN,10% to a trade school to become a dental hygienist,10% joined the military and 40% joined the workforce
We are very proud of our scholars for their hard work to attain their diploma and moving on towards a brighter future! Only a few of them attended their graduation ceremony as noted in the picture.
With the support of all of our supporters, we together are making a difference in the lives of our Communities Kids! We look forward to your continued support.

NEW High School Program started 2020-2021 school year:

In this program we tutor 9th – 12th grade.
89% of our seniors from this program graduated in May 2021, compared to 65% of their peers in the same.
25% of our graduates were awarded the millennium scholarship and are attending either UNLV or UNR.
25% are attending CSN, 40% are joining the workforce and 10% are going into the Military.
LV Tutoring Program

LV Tutoring Program

Tutoring at-risk and less privileged students from Kindergarten  to 8th grade.

Cancer Program

Cancer Program

We focus on indigent children with cancer from villages surrounding New Delhi. We treat five different types of childhood cancers.