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Join the GCF Movement of Educating At-risk Youth in the Vegas Valley!


Just one dollar per day-per child-per year!

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Join the GCF Movement of Educating At-risk Youth in the Vegas Valley!

Foundation empowering Las Vegas students to find success in school and beyond

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – As part of our continuing coverage of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, 13 Chief Investigator, Darcy Spears introduces us to a global foundation with a local focus on at-risk and less privileged children in the Las Vegas valley.

Congratulations to our 2024 Graduates

We are thrilled to announce that this year, 92% of our seniors successfully graduated from high school, marking a significant milestone in the Nevada Student Achievement Program. This impressive achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, as well as the unwavering support of our donors.

We are equally proud to share the diverse paths our graduates are taking: 40% are pursuing college degrees, 35% are enrolling in trade schools, and 25% are entering the workforce directly. These results would not have been possible without the generous contributions from our donors, whose support has been instrumental in empowering these students to reach their full potential.

Nevada Student Achievement (NSAP) Program

Tutoring at-risk and less privileged students from Kindergarten  to 8th grade.

GCF Cancer Program,
New Delhi, India


We focus on indigent children with cancer from villages surrounding New Delhi. We treat five different types of childhood cancers.

GCF Education Program
New Delhi, India

GCF International Education Program in partnership with DIYA Foundation supports less privileged elementary students by providing high quality education, books, stationery, uniforms, shoes, mid-day meals, and health care. 

Empowering Youth through Education for a Better Future!

Nevada Student Achievement Program (NSAP)

With the support of GCF, it’s commmunity partners, corporations and individual supporters, we started two new programs in 2021: dual credit programs to earn college credits in high school, and college scholarships to University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and Nevada State College (NSC).