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Breaking Barriers in Education: GCF’s Innovative Approach

breaking barriers in education

Access to quality education is a fundamental right of every child, but unfortunately, it’s not always available to everyone. Poverty, lack of resources, and other factors often prevent children from receiving the education they need to succeed. That’s where Global Charity Foundation comes in. GCF is a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking down the barriers […]

12 Strategies to Motivate Children to Learn

motivate children to learn

Most good students aren’t born good learners. Yes, individual personality plays a big part in a child’s willingness to learn and their overall disposition when it comes to schooling and education, but most children who are good learners at some point had to become good learners. More importantly, any student, who possesses the basic aptitude […]

Creating a Nightly Homework Ritual that Works for Everyone

It’s hard to fault the child who resists doing homework. After all, she has already put in a long day at school, probably been involved in after-school activities, and, as the late afternoon spills into evening, now faces a pile of assignments. Parents feel it, too — it’s no one’s favorite time of day. But […]

Why Tutoring is Important for Children

tutoring is important

Students learn best when their individual academic needs are met, and no other form of learning yields better results than one-on-one instruction. While teachers work tirelessly to provide the best possible education for students, the nature of the modern school system often makes individualized instruction impossible. Class sizes are simply too big, with limited time […]

Tips to Prepare for the First Days of School

Whether your child is just beginning kindergarten or starting a new grade as a returning student, there’s lots to be done to prepare for the year ahead, including checking in about their fears, anxieties, and concerns. As summer winds down, it’s natural for kids to experience nervousness — after all, your child is entering a […]

How We Can Prepare Our Children to Be a Future Leader?

The world we live in today was created and shaped by truly inspirational leaders from all walks of life. It is said that true leaders are not born but are made, as all children have the potential to develop leadership skills and this development of leadership skills is a lifelong process. As parents, caregivers, and […]