GCF Cancer Program for Children in New Delhi, India:

Dr. Reeta visiting Cancer program in IndiaIn New Delhi India, we have partnered with Cancer Patient Aid Association (CPAA) for Cancer Program for children. We focus on indigent children with cancer from villages surrounding New Delhi. We treat five different types of childhood cancers. In last six years, we have treated close to 180 children. 85% of our children patients are in remission. We are proud of our results. It is heart warming to see the smiles on the children in remission. Knowing it only takes $150 a month to give these children a brighter future! Visit 2014 Cancer Children

Unfortunately, we are only able to treat 30% of the children referred to our organization. Another 30-40 % are referred to other organizations.

It breaks our hearts to know these sick children are waiting in line for this life saving treatment.

It is GCFs goal to shorten that waiting line and to increase the number of children in this Cancer Program and with your kind support we will be able to do so.

It only costs $125 per month per child.

Your Generous Donations are Tax deductible.

Or sign up for a monthly pledge today to give these children a second chance at life! pledge-button

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