Community Education Program In Greater Las Vegas

Community Education Program initiated for at-risk and less privileged students (Kg-8th grade). The goal is to raise their comprehension in Science, Technology, English, and Math before the students enter high school. In the past 7 years, the students in our program have shown significant improvement in their performance in each subject. In 2017, we expanded our tutoring program to public schools as well as charter schools in collaboration with CCSD. This school year, 2019-2020 we have increased the enrollment to over 300 students.

2019-2020 Enrolled Schools

  • Matt Kelly Elementary Re-Invent Community School
  • Wendell P Williams School Elementary School
  • Delta Academy

In-School Tutoring Program


Our Main Focus:

  • We focus on Science, Technology, English, and Math
  • Each student is tutored for 4 hours a week throughout the school year (September – May)
  • Teacher student ratio is 1:7 to give each student an individual attention.
  • We help these students to graduate from high school and move on to college for a Brighter Future!