Global Charity Foundation

What Our Students are Saying

Most of my academic life, I struggled with math. I never bothered to fix my grade or even try to fix it. Attending the GCF program at The Delta Academy, with my teachers and classmates encouraged me to work harder on my grades. In a course of a year, I went from a D to an A in math. Not only that, I had straight A's for my second semester in sixth grade. I am extremely grateful for the GCF teachers I've had because without them, I wouldn't be here today.
GCF tutoring program has helped me to maintain a high GPA which helps me with my participation in other activities, such as Emerging Young Leaders, National Junior Honor Society and Cheerleading, where it is expected of me to maintain the required GPA. I have learned so many things since being involved in GCF tutoring program.
Tutoring provided by GCF has helped increase my test scores because last time, in the fall, I had 196 and now I have 201 in reading and our last reading goal was 206, so I am getting closer to the goal. In math my score was 201 and now it is 208 and our last math goal was 211, so I am getting closer to the math goal as well. Tutoring has helped me increase my grades because I used to have bad grades now I have A’s and B’s, so it helped me increase a lot.
Before I enrolled at Delta Academy and even when I first started, I struggled a lot in school. I couldn't focus and I had a difficult time finishing my work.

I started to pay attention during the first period tutoring program and got extra help. I went from having a really bad GPA to now having a really good one. I have good grades and I'm focusing well. I appreciate the tutors who took their time to help me and all the other students who needed it.

I am grateful for the tutors and The Global Charity Foundation. I want to thank them all. They make me feel very welcomed and it's like being a big family.

Thank you from Discovery Charter School students

We are here representing Discovery Charter School. Discovery Charter School is a K-8, project based school. We have two campuses, one in East Las Vegas and one in Summerlin. We have about 460 total students enrolled at each site. This year thanks to Global Charity Foundation our school was able to provide after school tutoring in science, English language arts, and math to about 50 students.

My name is Ariel I am in eighth grade and have had the opportunity to participate in science tutoring with Mrs. Acker. With Mrs. Acker we did experiments to learn about density, air mass, food molding, expansion, chemistry, and followed the steps of the scientific method while doing these experiments weekly.
My Name is Ashley I’m in eighth grade and I have had the opportunity to participate in English Language Arts tutoring after school with Miss. Benoit. Miss. Benoit helped me with Homophones, descriptive writing, sequence of events, character sketches, Analyzing text, spelling, and transitions.

We would really like to thank Global Charity Foundation for providing us with this opportunity. We enjoyed our classes, got stronger in the subjects we took and really appreciate what they have done for us!

"Delta Academy was founded in 2006 and is a fully-accredited public charter school educating students in grades 6 - 12. Through generous donations, the Global Charity Foundation (GCF) has supported Delta Academy’s remediation program for the past six years. This successful program started during the 2015-2016 school year. For the first four years, the program focused on working with middle school students. Every school year the students achieved the academic growth targets set for them. Higher grades led to increased self-confidence and lower in-class behavior issues. As the students matriculated into high school, the success of the middle school program became very evident. We were able to compare reading and math scores between students who attended the GCF tutoring program and new-to-Delta Academy high school students who did not participant in the middle school tutoring program. On average, the students who attended the GCF tutoring program at Delta during their middle school years were one grade level about of their counterparts in reading and two grade levels above in math. This analysis led to GCFs first high school program, which began just before the start of the pandemic. School is set to be back to 100% capacity in the fall. With the continued support of GCF, my team and I are excited to make positive long-lasting changes in the lives of our students.On a personal note, Dr. Thukral, the Board of Directors at GCF and various friends of Dr. Thukral have been extremely supportive of our students in more ways than financial. They have donated food, school supplies, computers and have been guest lectures at Delta Academy. When the pandemic hit, Dr. Thukral worked with me on how best to continue student tutoring. This resulted in a very successful summer program in June of 2020. I have no doubt that without GCF’s (Dr. Thukral’s in particular) unwavering assistance throughout the years, several Delta Academy students would not have graduated from high school."
Kyle Konold, Ph.D. - Superintendent The Delta Academy