Global Charity Foundation

Domestic Programs


Nevada Student Achievement Program (NSAP)

The Nevada Student Achievement Program was founded in 2012 for at-risk and less privileged students (K-12 to High School). Our goal is to raise their comprehension in Science, Technology, English, and Math before the student enters high school. Since the inception of this program, we have provided over 300,000 tutoring hours benefiting over 2500 students. The students in our program have shown significant improvement in their academic performance in each subject.

In 2021, we expanded the program to high school seniors to earn college credits in high school, and college scholarships to UNLV and Nevada State College.

International Programs

Education Program, New Delhi, India

GCF International Education Program in partnership with DIYA Foundation supports less privileged elementary students by providing high quality education, books, stationery, uniforms, shoes, mid-day meals, and health care. Since 2008, over 1000 students have been helped through this program to have a brighter future! The majority of our students coming out of our program have graduated from high school and are perusing a college education. The GCF Board is pleased with the academic performance of our students.

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Health Care, New Delhi, India

GCF’s Health Care Program provides cancer chemotherapy treatment of indigent children suffering from cancer. The goal of this program is to give these deserving children a second chance at life.

Since 2010 we have provided over 10,000 chemotherapy treatments. Hundreds of children battling cancer, have been benefited. We are happy to announce, currently, over 60% of our pediatric cancer patients are in remission.

We are proud of our results. It is heart-warming to see smiles on the faces of children in remission and a gratitude in the eyes of their parents. In partnership with Rotary club of New Delhi, Garden City and a grant from Rotary International Foundation,  we have been able to treat 65 – 70% of the children referred to our organization from 2018-2021. Another 30-35% are either waiting in line to receive this life saving treatment or have been referred to another non-profit organization for financial assistance.

Past GCF Programs


In 2011 a health care program initiative was started for residents of S.A.F.E. house and a domestic violence shelter in Henderson, Nevada. GCF arranged a team of doctors including internists and pediatricians. They received complete health care treatment with diagnostic tests and got continued follow up care as needed. The children were seen in sick child and well baby clinics and were provided with their immunization needs. The women and children were also provided with prescription assistance. These residents are now lined up with Nevada Health Centers, where they receive the needed care.


In Affiliation with US based organization- W.A.T.E.R, an education program was initiated in 2009 for middle school students, in Accra Ghana and surrounding cities. Our students were in five different schools. Dr. Thukral visited all the students and schools in 2011. With utmost sadness, this program was closed in September 2014 due to multiple reasons.

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