Global Charity Foundation

Nevada Student Achievement Program (NSAP)

Graduates 2023

We beam with pride as we share that an impressive 96% of our GCF scholars waved their graduation caps high this year. Among these bright stars, 68% have embarked on their collegiate journey, while 24% have plunged into the workforce, and 8% are exploring other diverse avenues.

Here, we present to you a snapshot of some of these triumphant graduates. In addition, all of our students enrolled in the dual credit program victoriously marked their high school completion.

The GCF board and our Founder, Dr. Reeta Kaul Thukral, extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every supporter who has played a role in illuminating the paths for our promising youth. Your contributions have made a profound difference, and we couldn’t have accomplished this without you all!

Graduates 2022

A staggering 92% of our GCF scholars have victoriously donned their graduation caps this May, boasting impressive GPAs of 3.5-3.7. The next chapters of their journeys are just as inspiring — 52% have embarked on the university path, 19% are honing their skills in trade schools, 22% have plunged into the professional world, while 7% have chosen the path of honor in the military.

Feast your eyes on the faces of triumph in this snapshot of our jubilant graduates. An additional feather in our cap — every student enrolled in our dual credit program crossed the high school graduation finish line!

On this momentous occasion, the GCF board and our tireless Founder, Dr. Reeta Kaul Thukral, extend a heartful and profound thank you to all our supporters. Your unyielding faith and generosity have kindled the beacon of hope, illuminating the futures of our young scholars. We simply couldn’t have etched this success story without each and every one of you!

Graduates 2021

With a vibrant tapestry of learning, we’ve completed a remarkable 12-year journey of in-school tutoring in core subjects, embracing students from Kindergarten to High School. Over these transformative years, we’ve clocked in more than 300,000 tutoring hours, touching the lives of thousands of students and planting seeds of knowledge that will continue to flourish.

As we close the chapter on this 12th year, we eagerly anticipate the dawn of our 13th year, ready to welcome a new batch of passionate scholars into our family.

Over the past three years, we’ve reveled in the sight of our students ascending the stairs of success. High school graduation rates have consistently hovered between an impressive 88-92%, and more than 60% of our graduates have chosen to broaden their horizons with a college degree.

We take immense pride in our scholars’ unwavering dedication towards their dreams, triumphantly achieving their diplomas, and setting their sights on a radiant future! A snapshot of a handful of these graduates at their commencement ceremony is attached — a testimony of their hard-earned success.

Together with our invaluable supporters, we’re sculpting a brighter tomorrow for our community’s children. We’re not just changing lives; we’re reshaping futures. Your continued support fuels this incredible journey of transformation.

So, here’s to many more years of unlocking potential and building dreams together! 

Video Testimonials

2019-2020 Enrolled Schools

  • Delta Academy Public Charter School
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
  • Nevada State College


In the last 12 years many other schools have participated in our programs.  These include:

  • 100 Academy of Excellence
  • Rainbow Dreams Academy Public Charter school
  • Matt Kelly Elementary School
  • Wendell P. Williams Elementary School
  • Dan E Hayden Elementary School

In-School Tutoring Program

Our Main Focus:

  • We focus on Science, Technology, English, and Math
  • Each student is tutored for 4 hours a week throughout the school year (September – May)
  • Teacher student ratio is 1:7 to give each student an individual attention.
  • We help these students to graduate from high school and move on to college for a Brighter Future!