Global Charity Foundation

Over the past four years, our high school graduation rates have consistently ranged from 88% to 96%, and more than 68% of our graduates have pursued a college degree.

  • May 2022, a staggering 92% of our GCF scholars have victoriously donned their graduation caps this May, boasting impressive GPAs of 3.5-3.7. The next chapters of their journeys are just as inspiring — 52% have embarked on the university path, 19% are honing their skills in trade schools, 22% have plunged into the professional world, while 7% have chosen the path of honor in the military.

  • May 2023, we beam with pride as we share that an impressive 96% of our GCF scholars waved their graduation caps high this year. Among these bright stars, 68% have embarked on their collegiate journey, while 24% have plunged into the workforce, and 8% are exploring other diverse avenues.


Every student enrolled in our dual credit program has successfully graduated from high school. We are looking forward our another successful year.