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Man Mohini Kaul Pediatric Congenital cardiac care Endowment Fund established by Dr. Reeta Thukral in 2017 in New Delhi, India, focuses on saving lives of infants borne with life threatening congenital cardiac disease.

11 month old baby borne with congenital heart disease – Tetralogy of Fellot, causes decrease oxygenation of vital organs, cyanosis and stunted growth. This infant underwent life saving cardiac surgery three weeks ago. The funding for surgery was provided my Man Mohini Kaul pediatric congenial cardiac care endowment fund. Since the inception of fund, several children have undergone life saving cardiac surgery and enjoying a
normal life.

This June, during her visit to India, she got to visit with the mother, patient, cardiologist and cardiac surgeon before the surgery. The mother was much grateful for our financial support, knowing her baby wouldn’t have a chance otherwise, and she was also very nervous about the outcome of surgery.

We are happy to report that surgery went well and child is discharged home and recovering well. Saving one life at a time!

These are the results we share with out healthcare programs provided in partnership with Global Charity Foundation.