Global Charity Foundation

Hospitals around the world provide child cancer care to those who need it. However, many children who would benefit from such care go untreated or under-treated due to poverty and lack of resources. Fortunately, Global Charity Foundation (GCF), a charity organization in Las Vegas provides child cancer treatment in India. With donations from people all around the world , GCF can provide a child health fund for indigent children who need treatment but don’t have the resources to afford it.

GCF is currently providing child cancer chemotherapy treatment for indigent children suffering from child leukemia , child lymphoma , child neuroblastoma , Ewing’s Sarcoma , child retinoblastoma and other childhood cancers. With a partnership between The Rotary Club of New Delhi, Garden City and help from the Rotary  international foundation for the last three years we have been able to treat 65-70% children who are referred to us. Another 30%-35%, however, need financial assistance that can’t be provided by any one non profit organization so they go elsewhere in India or overseas if necessary until it becomes available again later down this road!

Child Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Child cancer treatment costs vary but generally range from 1-2 lakhs rupee for child chemotherapy at a child hospital in India to 5-7 lakhs rupee for child stem cell transplantation in India (including child health fund, child diagnosis , child oncology, child surgery and child radiation therapy). The average cost of child cancer treatment in India is 3 lakhs rupee – which is easily affordable for donors in the US and some countries.

It is known that child cancers are often more difficult to treat than adult cancer, but through funding from child cancer treatment donations , children in India have a better chance at beating their illness.

Despite child cancers being more difficult to treat, child cancer treatments make up a relatively small proportion of medical research spending. In fact, only 4% of the world’s medical research spending goes towards child cancer treatments.

With your donation, you will be able to give a child in India the treatment they need and give them a second chance at life!

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